Karen’s journey of recovery from multiple sclerosis is inspirational. And ongoing. She was diagnosed with the apparently incurable, degenerative disease in 2010 when she went numb from the waist down. This relapse was quickly followed by two more attacks that affected functioning in her hands, arms, neck and upper body. For a musician and writer (and mother of three) this was devastating.

At the gentle insistence of a friend, Karen started searching for real hope and genuine answers. She soon discovered the work of neurologist Roy Swank whose MS patients enjoyed great success by following a diet very low in saturated fat. This led her to Professor George Jelinek, an emergency physician with MS who built on Swank’s research and created Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis – a positive lifestyle approach incorporating diet, sunlight, exercise and meditation. After attending an OMS retreat in August 2010 Karen adopted this new lifestyle 100% and has never looked back. Since then she has seen her symptoms gradually improve, and has now been free of MS relapses for over four years.

Fully committed to her own health and that of others, Karen joined the OMS team in 2012 to further spread the word that recovery from MS is possible. She currently helps out with the OMS Facebook page, is a regular contributor to the OMS forum, and co-authored the new book Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis; real life stories of hope and inspiration.

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Jun 18
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