With a love of language almost as strong as her love of music, Karen has written hundreds of thousands of words for newspapers, magazines and radio. Most of them have been published.

She first made it into print as a nine-year-old when her poem about the village shop was on the front page of her local paper. It took more than a decade for Karen to make it onto the front page again, this time as a news reporter for a local weekly tabloid. A career in magazine feature writing followed, along with scripts for national radio, and for many years she has performed the creative double act of being both a writer of words and a writer of songs. In 2010 Karen’s outwardly successful, professional life received a blow; she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis

She stepped back from everyday journalism to consider what was really important, and out of the silence came a partnership with George Jelinek to co-write her first book. Recovering from Multiple Sclerosis: real life stories of hope and inspiration was published by Allen & Unwin in June 2013.

Telling the moving, personal stories of twelve people from around the world who have made significant changes to their lives and recovered from MS, this book is helping to change the way the disease is viewed, and providing hope to all who have been diagnosed.

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Jun 20
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